Sell Your House in Colorado

How to Sell your House in Colorado

If you want to sell your house in Colorado, there are some basics that everyone should know.

*  Preparing the House for Sale

*  List Your House so Buyers can find it

*  Close the Deal and Sell Your House

Now this may sound oversimplified, but none of these steps can be avoided, nothing can be assumed, and not having a plan in place, or following these steps will mean that your house will not bring market value, or you may pay more for services, or worse, your house will sit on the market for months.

1.  Get your house ready to sell

This may be the most important aspect to sell your house in Colorado.  There are two main considerations:  Curb appeal, and setting the stage correctly.   Even a house that you purchased recently, can benefit from your time and effort, and you will be rewarded for your work with a faster more profitable sale.

Curb appeal is the way your house looks in photos from the street, and includes landscaping, a tidy yard, and showing the home from the most appealing vantage point.  First impressions are lasting.   Sellers in Colorado who take the time to improve curb appeal will get higher offers on average,  and sell faster than those who don’t.

A house that has great curb appeal, but is empty will not sell as fast as a home that is furnished.   There are do’s and don’ts to proper home staging.  HGTV has a short list of the Top 10 Home Staging Do’s:   There are even professional staging companies, and Real Estate Colorado Listings can recommend a great local expert.  On average, those Sellers in Colorado who invest in a home staging expert will recoup their investment, and those who do not use an expert, will get lower offers.


2.  Listing Your House with a Realtor

The Realtor you choose will impact all aspects when you sell your house in Colorado.  Choosing a family member, or neighbor can be avoided by explaining that you’d rather use someone neutral.  Do not be pressured into your selection but don’t ignore a great referral if you get one.

Amazingly,  when it comes to choosing real estate agents, “we don’t have the information that we have about other service professionals,” says Stephen Brobeck, executive director of the Consumer Federation of America, in Washington, D.C.  according to but there are steps you can take to determine a Realtor’s skill and their track record.

Things to consider when choosing a Realtor, to sell your house in Colorado are:

*  Types of Photography, and Video Used to Show Property

*  How they rate your anticipated sales price, and comparable sales price in your area

*  Check out recent sellers, and ask to speak to them personally

*  Is the Realtor full time, and how many homes do they sell each year


3.  Sell Your Home in Colorado

Many people get excited about the first offer, or they are focused solely on price.   Since the Great Recession and housing bubble burst,  there are many other factors which a Seller must consider with each offer.   Pre Approval Letters,  Lender Loan Commitment,  Credit Scores, Amount of Down Payment, and conditions can influence the purchase of the home you are selling.   More than ever Sellers in Colorado need to focus on the overall financial health of the Buyer in any transaction.   Pitfalls abound when selling your home, and reviewing your buyer.   It is important to know what to look for.

Communication is paramount between the Selling Agent, and Buyer Agent.  Make sure your Realtor knows you expect to be updated weekly on the progress of your Buyer’s Loan, as too many deals are postponed, or denied entirely by the bank, and you are left finding a new buyer.  Many pitfalls can be avoided when selling a home in Colorado simply by good communications skills.

There are laws which brokers must comply with when selling your house in Colorado.  Brokers are:

A seller’s broker is not allowed to share certain information with the buyer. A broker is prohibited from making the following disclosures without the informed consent of the seller. In other words, the broker may share the following information with the buyer if the seller agrees:

  • That the seller is willing to accept less than the asking price for the property.

  • The motivation for the seller to sell the property.

  • That the seller will agree to financing terms other than what have been offered.

  • Any material information about the seller not otherwise required to be disclosed by law.

  • Any facts or suspicions regarding circumstances that may psychologically impact or stigmatize the property, further explained below. (C.R.S. § 12-61-804 (2)).


Selling your house in Colorado means work.  There is more than just randomly picking any real estate agent, and hoping for the best.  You are not selling just a piece of property, but an image.  Maximizing the tools available to you, is based upon the Real Estate Agent you choose.   To find a Realtor who will serve you in a full time capacity, and manage the process for you, while giving you valuable no nonsense advise, contact Colorado Real Estate Listings Today.

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